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Why Winning In Sales Has Little To Do With Selling

If you’re judging the success of your sales career by how many sales you make, you’re destined to live in feast or famine.You’ll be chasing the next deal in front of you and not planning for long-term revenue. It’s a cycle of pain that will never let you get on top of what does allow you to win in this profession: prospecting.We recently sat down with Meridith Elliott Powell on our live stream interview series, and she shared a sales system with us that belongs in the quiver of any salesperson and also allows them to ensure their own success.She…

How To Systemize Great Sales Emails

While email should only play a small part in our prospecting systems, it is still a great communication channel and should not be ignored.But how do we differentiate our emails from the dozens (or hundreds) of emails our prospects receive?We sat down with a sales legend recently and he told us the only emails we should be sending are the ones that benefit our prospects’ lives and business.Jim Cathcart, a multiple hall-of fame recipient in the sales, marketing and speaking world, shared with us that the best emails serve as ‘virtual hand shakes’.As always, we’re using the TRIM system in…

Time Management Mistakes That Kill Sales

In a livestream conversation with Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter,” we discussed one of the key challenges salespeople faces – time management. The most impactful way to make that happen?“Don’t work off a to-do list, work off a calendar,” Mark said.Whether that looks like phone calls, emails, social media messages and even old-school cards and letters to the folks you want to connect with, being top-of-mind to the people who can buy from you requires planning before reaching out.That means we have to schedule outreach on our calendars and find time to make calls, customize email templates, type up social…

Trimming Hope From Our Sales Strategy

There are hundreds or great books, blogs, podcasts and courses on sales tactics, processes and strategies. Unfortunately, few – if any – talk about how to make sure salespeople actually apply them. None of them share how to turn those great strategies into systems.For two decades, I’ve been traveling the world and studying teams who were given impossible odds and still found ways to succeed. These are the folks who would fight wildland forest fires, team charged with clearing buildings of opponents in combat zones, and even salespeople who were making goal when everyone around them was struggling.  These are…



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