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Kyle (and Team!)-
Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me about the possibility of me speaking at your upcoming April event.

I’ve included the session description for Bulletproof Selling, which I think will fit perfectly with your salespeople, customer service team members and others. 

You’ll also find an overview of the kinds of experiences we’ve created for more than 30,000 audience members in multiple countries. 

Below that I’ve listed the pricing and options we can offer for this event – Let’s set up a call to chat about the details and building something to serve your team!

-Shawn Rhodes
Chief Sales Sergeant, Bulletproof Selling

it's 'go time' at your event, the audience is seated, the lights go down and this video starts on the screen

keynote session

bulletproof selling
-The Surprising Secret To Sales Superiority

Sales is a high-stakes battlefield, and the path to success is treacherous. It’s full of relentless stress, with unknown threats lurking around every corner. In the evolving landscape of changing technology, economic shifts, and unpredictable customer needs, salespeople are learning the hard way that hope is not a sales strategy.

Through gripping stories from his experiences on battlefields and the front lines of sales, Shawn Rhodes unveils the secret to selling more – and serving more.

Drawn from techniques employed by elite service members, Shawn shows audiences how to rapidly adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty. He reveals the elusive mindset that separates high-performing salespeople from the rest—the mindset required to conquer unforeseen challenges. But it doesn’t end there.

In this adrenaline-pumping keynote, Shawn empowers audiences with the tools to replace hope with certainty and never lose a sale for the same reason again.

Above all, this keynote arms audiences to be ‘Bulletproof’ in sales, emerge from uncertainty and have the confidence to achieve their goals.

They’ll leave excited to rewrite the rules, defy the odds, and unleash their full potential on the battlefield of business.

“The Most Responsive Speaker I’ve Ever Worked With”
– Kerry Boderman, Education Director For The Advertising Specialty Institute

what they're saying

creating a transformative experience
before-during-after the event

  • We don’t just deliver a presentation, but provide your attendees with an inspirational experience that changes the way they think about the topic.
  • We provide a flat travel cost, eliminating budgeting and post-event surprises.
  • We’ll diversify the impact on your audience by serving partners, their support staff and even supplier partners, making your conference more inclusive and impactful.

  • We’ll respond to your inquiries within two hours and provide all necessary information well in advance of the event (headshots, detailed session descriptions, even pre-written press releases)

  • We offer a range of fee options and guarantee the price won’t change during your planning process.

  • Shawn has a current biography, so what you read is what (and who) you get.

  • Shawn will immerse himself in your industry; interviewing members to ensure he understands your audience.
  • We’ll conduct an AV check in advance to avoid tech issues in front of your audience.

  • We’ll give your attendees access to free training that helps them immediately apply what they’ve learned.

  • We’ll provide a replacement speaker at no extra charge and pay for their travel to your event if an absolutely unavoidable issue should occur.

keynote/Workshop only fee - $10,000
(includes everything below)

-Will invoice for Round-trip airfare and ground transportation to/from your event from shawn's headquarters in tampa, florida. Your company will book/pay for one night of lodging.

-Interviews with up to six audience members to customize keynote presentation

-A custom sales system assessment specifically for your members, conducted prior to the event

-Pre-event briefing with conference planners via phone and on-site

-Keynote customized with feedback from attendees, including between 50-60 customized references

-(5) 1/2 hour workshops to build sales systems around closing strategies and techniques

-Host facilitated debrief for conference planners to aid implementation

-Customized Video follow-up course for systemizing the sales process for each attendee

next steps

I have the April date on the calendar and am thrilled by the opportunity to present for the group! I’d be happy to jump on another call with the team to brainstorm ideas if they’re interested!

As we discussed, I’ll be back in touch next week to see if we should continue holding those dates.

Let’s make selling Bulletproof!

shawn rhodes


Shawn Rhodes is the ‘Chief Sales Sergeant’ of Bulletproof Selling, an international keynote speaker, author of four books and a nationally-syndicated business columnist. Before dedicating his career to making salespeople Bulletproof, he was a Marine Corps war correspondent, tasked with accompanying troops into combat to witness how they became ‘Bulletproof’ on the battlefield. His work and insights have appeared in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, Forbes, INC and hundreds of other media outlets.
 Recognized as one of the industry’s top sales experts, Shawn is known as the ‘O.G. of sales systems.’ Wherever he speaks, he puts his experience studying more than 30,000 sales calls across hundreds of industries to work for his audiences, so salespeople and business leaders can remove hope from how they sell – and how they serve.
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