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Sales is the battlefield of business, and too many salespeople hope they succeed. Unfortunately, well-trained salespeople are cut down on this battlefield every day because they hope they remember to use from that last sales talk, the last workshop they attended, the last podcast they heard, or the last book they read. 

Salespeople can finally replace hope with certainty. Below is a brief of what we covered during our time together.


In sports, in business and on the battlefield, it is those that commit fully to their training and then use that training in reality that achieve greatness. Throughout this book, Shawn walks salespeople and sales leaders through the steps required to systemize their own selling processes. This book deserves a place on the shelf of everyone who is committed to sales success.

PHIL m jones, bestselling author of exactly what to say

Shawn has created something in this book that every salesperson needs – a bridge between knowing what to do and actually doing it when selling. This is a complete guide for turning a sales team into a sales force. 

Commander mary c. kelly, usn (ret), member of the speakers hall of fame

In Bulletproof Selling, Shawn has created something any business owner or salesperson can use to capture what works – so their business can survive today and thrive tomorrow. Get your pen and notebook ready when you sit down with this powerful book! I recommend this book without reservation.

barry banther, best-seling author and member of the speakers hall of fame

Bulletproof Selling cracks the code and solves the challenge of how to be consistent, efficient, scale, and be more productive. Instead of telling you what to do, Shawn lays out step-by-step how to do it. This book is a go-to-guide to take your sales and your business to the next level. 

meridith elliott powell, ceo of motionfirst and award-winning author

As someone who has seen firsthand how our service men and women constantly adapt to ever-changing environments, I can attest that to become better, understanding systems is critical to success. Shawn has done the work of bridging those time-tested and proven systems we used in combat to the systems salespeople need to be successful on the battlefield of business. 

dr. aaron tucker, ceo of at solutions and former navy seal


About Bulletproof Selling

Clients immediately benefit from improved results for their salespeople, teams and organizations. Bulletproof Selling means salespeople can replace hope with certainty, close more deals and provide more value to more customers.

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