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Leveraging Data In My CRM


While data can be measured and leveraged across pipeline movement, campaign conversion, message response and conversations, it’s meaningless if we’re not having conversations with companies and the people within them who can buy from us.  That’s why the most important data you create and leverage within your CRM is the data that ensures you’re pursuing qualified prospects.

From Chapter 8:

Prospect Intelligence Profile System
Trigger: When sourcing new prospects and when developing discovery questions for scripts.
Bulletproof Impact: By defining what additional pieces of data would make your salespeople’s jobs easier, you can task salespeople or researchers to comb through any publicly available websites or databases to gather critical information before initial outreach. If that information isn’t publicly available, the remaining questions form the backbone of discovery questions salespeople can ask to build exceptional prospect profiles and aid in future conversion.
As you examine your top-tier prospects for what data might be missing from their accounts, ask what pieces of information, if you did have them, would make selling smoother?
Don’t limit yourself to what’s available online or on LinkedIn – really shoot for the stars.
Systemizing Success with Prospect Intelligence Profiles
There’s a reason games played on the home field put the home team at an advantage; home teams know the terrain, even if dealing with a new opponent. If you could access it, would any of the following help you or your salespeople?:
  • Name of likely decision maker in the prospect company
  • That decision maker’s contact information, including direct phone numbers, email address, LinkedIn profile URL, and any other social media channels they frequent
  • Mailing address for sending direct mail
  • Any challenges they or their employees or clients are facing right now that your product or service could be a solution for
  • Companies or individuals they used in the past for the product or service you’re offering or a similar product/ service
  • The budget they likely paid for your product or service from a past provider
  • What their likely budget is for their next round of purchasing your product or service
  • When/what time of year they are likely to be purchasing the product or service you offer
  • If the product or service you offer is designed to be used at a specific time (for a meeting or event, for instance), when that meeting or event is supposed to occur
  • How many people in and outside your prospect’s company your product or service could benefit
  • How many sites or locations in their company could use your product or service
  • The names of likely decision makers in those other divisions or areas where you may be able to sell additional products or services within the same company
  • The names and contact information of any other decision makers in other companies the prospect may be connected with
The list could go on for dozens of additional items and will likely be unique to the product or service you offer, so take the time to map out the data that would make it easier to make contact with your prospects and sell your product or service. The secondary value in mapping out all of these things is that it will build powerful discovery questions to ask when making contact with prospects. Once these discovery questions are built into call scripts (a system we’ll dive into in-depth), your CRM can be formatted to have these critical data points show up as the first fields a salesperson sees in each prospect’s profile.


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