Magnetize More Prospects With Email

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Magnetize More Prospects With Email

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If you thought that email was dead, think again.

Emails are just as effective as they’ve always been – if they are used well.

Too many salespeople are hoping their email copy is enough to convert, and that simply is no longer the case.

To learn how we can magnetize more prospects with email, we sat down with Adam Rosen, founder of Email Outreach Company. He showed us how we can improve every email we send to ensure we are selling more and serving more!

Because we’re trimming hope from our sales strategy, we’ll use the acronym TRIM to guide us through creating a system with a trigger, ensuring it’s repeatable, building in ways to improve it and of course, ensuring it’s measurable and getting us results.

T – Trigger: To trigger a system to attract more leads through email, we first have to create the infrastructure. If we are sending out a lot of emails, we are going to be flagged as spam and routed out of our prospects’ inboxes. Adam recommends setting up multiple domains and multiple email addresses that we can use to send emails from.

Next, make sure that you understand your ideal client profile because it will be critical in crafting more compelling emails. You need to know what companies, roles, and problems these folks share.

R – Repeatable: To make the system repeatable, Adam recommends starting with rewriting your emails. Use an AI platform such as ChatGPT to take your existing script and rewrite it using this flow:

The shorter these emails are, the more likely they are to be read. Details create distraction.

Next, establish an email campaign where you will send 6 to 9 emails to your prospects.  Keep in mind it usually takes at least four emails to convert to a conversation, so don’t leave this to chance.

Finally, if you are sending emails out to a lot of prospects, make sure that you don’t send more than 20 emails per day from any email account. Otherwise, you will be flagged as spam and all your emails will be routed away from your prospects.

I – Improvable: To improve the way you are magnetizing leads with emails, don’t try to improve your open rates. Instead, improve your not-open rates. Open rates are notoriously unreliable, so it is much more accurate to look at the amount of emails that your prospects don’t open to get an idea how effective they are driving conversations.

Another way to improve your email effectiveness is to promise something when your prospects reply to you. It would be a small donation to a charity for two because you know you care about. Mention that in your initial emails to drive faster replies.

M – Measurable: To measure the success of how well your emails are working, measure how many meetings you are booking from them. If you find that you are not booking as many meetings as you would like, change the messaging and subject lines in your emails, or adjust your ideal client profile. You may be targeting the right prospect but using the wrong message.

Email is still effective if we use it to serve instead of just sell!

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