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-for promoting: keynote session description

bulletproof selling:
The Surprising Secret To Sales Superiority

Sales is a high-stakes battlefield, and the path to success is treacherous. It’s full of relentless stress, with unknown threats lurking around every corner. In the evolving landscape of changing technology, economic shifts, and unpredictable customer needs, salespeople are learning the hard way that hope is not a sales strategy.


Through gripping stories from his experiences on battlefields and the front lines of sales, Shawn Rhodes unveils the secret to selling more – and serving more.


Drawn from techniques employed by elite service members, Shawn shows audiences how to rapidly adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty. He reveals the elusive mindset that separates high-performing salespeople from the rest—the mindset required to conquer unforeseen challenges. But it doesn’t end there.


In this adrenaline-pumping keynote, Shawn empowers audiences with the tools to replace hope with certainty and never lose a sale for the same reason again.


Above all, this keynote arms audiences to be ‘Bulletproof’ in sales, emerge from uncertainty and have the confidence to achieve their goals.


They’ll leave excited to rewrite the rules, defy the odds, and unleash their full potential on the battlefield of business.


Download our professional images of Shawn Rhodes. These high-resolution photos are perfect for promotional materials and event branding, helping you to share Shawn with your audience.


Download this collection of images featuring the book revolutionizing the battlefield of business – Bulletproof Selling. These pics can serve as promotional materials and as a testament to Shawn’s expertise in removing hope from sales.

-press releases-

Download this collection of press releases for print/social media you can customize for your event, to release before and after Shawn’s speech. 

-intro video-

NOTE: We’ve crafted a very specific, short, high-impact, intro video for Shawn’s sessions. Please use this video and accompanying script (instead of a bio) to introduce him to the stage. He’ll also have this video on his laptop and can play it directly.

-intro script-

(to be read by your event lead before shawn's intro video plays)

Our next speaker has studied what it takes to succeed in the most dangerous places on the planet.

He’s still finding sand he picked up across multiple combat tours in places like Baghdad and Fallujah.

He’s worked for government agencies so secret, some of them don’t even know they exist.

You might have seen him on NBC, in TIME, or in the Wall Street Journal.


He’s author of four books and one of the most influential sales experts in the world.


He’s already run three miles today, which he considers a ‘warm up.’


We’ll start with a video about Shawn, so please give a big, warm {Insert event name here} welcome to Chief Sales Sergeant, Shawn Rhodes!”

-shawn's bios-

-full bio-

Shawn Rhodes is the ‘Chief Sales Sergeant’ of Bulletproof Selling, an international keynote speaker, author of four books and a nationally-syndicated business columnist. Before dedicating his career to making salespeople Bulletproof, he was a Marine Corps war correspondent, tasked with accompanying troops into combat to witness how they became ‘Bulletproof’ on the battlefield. His work and insights have appeared in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, Forbes, INC and hundreds of other media outlets.


Recognized as one of the industry’s top sales experts, Shawn is known as the ‘O.G. of sales systems.’ Wherever he speaks, he puts his experience studying more than 30,000 sales calls across hundreds of industries to work for his audiences, so salespeople and business leaders can remove hope from how they sell – and how they serve.

-short bio-

Former Marine Corps war correspondent and now Chief Sales Sergeant of Bulletproof Selling, helping teams sell more, and serve more.

-AV needs-

To ensure an exceptional and transformative experience for your audience, we require an AV technician be on-site and in the room during Shawn’s presentation.

Shawn presents using Apple Keynote on his personal MacBook, ensuring exceptional quality.

This approach guarantees that fonts, transitions, sound effects and videos operate flawlessly, enhancing the audience experience.

He provides all necessary cables and a wireless clicker, promoting effortless integration with any event setup.

His commitment to utilizing his own equipment reflects his dedication to delivering an exceptional, glitch-free presentation.

-what shawn will bring-

  • A well-rehearsed and customized presentation, built to the needs of your audience and designed to transform the way they approach sales.

  • A Macbook loaded with his presentation and opening video.

  • A countryman mic and the necessary adapters to hook into your event’s mic/lavalier pack.

  •  A presentation optimized for 16:9 screens.

-what we'll need for a bulletproof experience-

  • An American flag with base on stage right.

  • A wireless, lavalier microphone and transmitter pack.

  • An AC power plug to power his laptop.

  • A projector with HDMI input & HDMI cable.

  • A 1/8-inch stereo mini-port audio adapter for our laptop (the kind used for headphones).

  • At least 30 minutes to do a thorough tech check before the start of the event.

  • An elevated table/stand in the back of the room to capture our own video footage.

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