Seven Mistakes Meeting Planners Make

Paying Too Much For A Speaker

Selecting a keynote speaker is difficult, because some speakers say they speak for free, and others charge tens of thousands of dollars. To help you better select your speaker, this simple system will guide you in understanding what’s available at different fee ranges.

Choosing A Speaker That Doesn't Engage Your Audience

The best speakers weave in engagement throughout their presentations, so after watching this video you’ll understand how top-tier speakers engage audiences.

Your Speaker Doesn't Provide An Experience

The best speakers create an experience for your audience that gets them excited about registering for the event, ready to connect and learn before they arrive on site, and create something that lasts long after your attendees return home.

Your Speaker Doesn't Customize

Many event organizers are looking for a speaker to customize their content, and this video will reveal what to ask speakers and so you can be comfortable selecting a speaker without decades of experience in your industry.

Your Speaker Is Offering The WRONG Take-Aways

Audiences often want more take-aways , but what does that mean – and what’s available? At the end of this video, you’ll know the types of take-aways out there and understand which ones will be a great fit for your event and audience type.

Your Event Goes Virtual - And Your Speaker Doesn't

Great speakers are adept at managing virtual platforms and at the end of this video, you’ll ensure your audience still has a great experience with your speaker in a virtual environment.

Purchasing Books For The WRONG Audience

It’s important to understand the options available with books and their impact before purchasing them for your audicne. 

After watching this video, you’ll know what you should be asking speakers for when you’re considering purchasing a speaker’s book for your attendees.

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