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Overcoming Objections


From Chapter 10: The Objection Response System
Trigger: When a prospect objects to the next step of the sales process.
Bulletproof Impact: Instead of salespeople having to learn how to overcome objections through hearing them from prospects – inevitably delaying that account’s progress – objection scripts can ensure salespeople are bringing best practices to bear against prospect objections.
In every salesperson’s memory are all the things they’ve ever been told that shut down a sales call or prevented a sale from moving forward. Salespeople hope they remember what they said that worked in the past to overcome a particular objection but rarely systemize great responses. To create an objection script, it’s important to survey your team for the top dozen objections they’ve heard around your products or services. If your salespeople have worked out good responses, get those into your objection script as well.
Here are a few universal objections you and your salespeople should have responses for that can serve as jumping-off points for other objections that may be specific to your prospects:
·       It’s too expensive
·       This is a bad time
·       I don’t know/like/trust you
·       We have a legacy supplier for that we’re happy with
·       We’re still under contract with an existing supplier
·       We won’t be looking at making that buying decision until X date in the future
·       I’ve had poor experiences with your product or service or brand in the past
With a little surveying, you’ll likely uncover more objections that you and your salespeople have encountered. A good call script should be a searchable document, which is why we advocate they not live on paper. As your salespeople get used to working with the responses, they can use the search function available in digital documents to immediately search through dozens of pages of scripts and objections to get to the exact objection they’re hearing, along with a suggested response flow.
A bonus to a shared digital script is that when the team discovers a better response to any particular objection, everyone’s script can be updated with a few clicks. The next time salespeople pull up the document, it will be the latest version.
Systemizing Success with the Objection Response System
Objection scripts should be easily searchable. For instance, the objection for ‘not enough money’ should start with that exact wording – or something intuitively similar – so it is searchable by a salesperson. Next is the script they can use. The ‘not enough money’ objections look like this in many of our clients’ digital scripts:
We can’t afford anything or are not paying for (service) this year.
“Of course you don’t have a big budget, money is tight everywhere these days. If we could work with you to reduce the overall fee, and even show you exactly how this will generate revenue so our product or service actually makes you money – would that be of interest? Tell you what, I’m happy to share the ways we’re finding to deliver (SOLUTION THE PROSPECT SAID THEY NEED). If right now isn’t good, how does (SPECIFIC DATE/TIME) or (SPECIFIC DATE/TIME) work for your schedule?”
For salespeople in industries where sales are made entirely over the phone, having a call script mapped into sections with addendums to address common objections will not only increase your closing ratios, but also give all your salespeople a common format to use in guiding them to get the information needed to move a prospect through your pipeline. It’s the difference between doing something occasionally well and consistently doing it right. It’s also the difference between using hope and using systems.
You’ll find the latter is the category that gets you and your company what it needs to be Bulletproof.
After you’ve mapped out discovery questions and objections responses in your call script, your next task is to train yourself and your salespeople in its use. We’ll be adapting Bulletproof training systems in the next chapter to ensure your salespeople are familiar enough with their scripts to use them quickly and ensure they don’t have to rely on them indefinitely.

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