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Bulletproof Selling Keynote

-The Surprising Formula
For Sales Superiority-

In the high-stakes arena of business, everyone is selling; whether it’s ideas, influence, products, or services. On this battlefield, we face constant threats, objections, and fierce competition that can impact our lives both personally and professionally.

Shawn Rhodes studied top-performing teams on battlefields and discovered their ‘Bulletproof’ strategies. In this session, Shawn bridges the gap between combat and business, showing you how to be ‘Bulletproof’ in your approach while delivering exceptional service.

With riveting stories from the front lines and trenches of business, Shawn reveals the key to selling products, services, and ideas by serving better. Leaders will gain insights into building and leading high-performing teams, while also learning to overcome common excuses hindering success.

More importantly, audiences walk away ready to rewrite the rules, defy the odds, and unleash their full potential on the battlefield of business.


Watch Shawn In Action

How Do We Run A 'Bulletproof Event'?


We start by ensuring we have a clear objective and conduct a sales assessment for each member of your audience.


We customize using an in-depth analysis of your company/industry and interview members of your team/audience.


On-site, we conduct a comprehensive AV check, deliver a transformational keynote and ensure your attendees have what they need to succeed afterwards.


After the event, we’ll deliver the data we gathered during the pre-event assessments and ensure your attendees have access to all their follow-on training material.

What's Different About Working With Shawn?

  • We don’t just deliver a presentation, but provide your attendees with an inspirational experience that changes the way they think about sales.
  • We help fill hotel room blocks for your upcoming conference early.
  • We provide a flat travel cost, eliminating budgeting and post-event surprises.
  • We diversify your audience by attracting middle-management and front-line employees, making your conference more inclusive and impactful.

  • We respond to your inquiries within two hours and provide all necessary information well in advance of the event (headshots, detailed session descriptions, even pre-written press releases).

  • We offer a range of fee options and guarantee the price won’t change during your planning process.

  • We have a current biography, of Shawn so what you read is what (and who) you get.

  • Shawn immerses himself in your industry, interviewing members, and even visiting their job sites to ensure he understands your audience.
  • We conduct an AV check in advance to avoid tech issues in front of your audience.
  • We give your attendees access to free training that helps them immediately apply what they’ve learned.
  • We will provide a replacement speaker at no extra charge and pay for their travel to your event if an absolutely unavoidable issue should occur.

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